MHP 200 remote

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The MHP 200 R a remote power mast preamplifier, housed resistant plastic housing in a weatherproof mechanically very robust UV.

Due to its technical parameters such as: high gain, high stability, high IP3 values ​​and very low noise figure, it is best suited for tropo, meteor scatter, Aurora, and EME contest operation.

Technical Data  MHP 200-R
Frequency Range [MHz]: 144 - 146
Noise Figure @ 20°C (NF) [dB]: 0,5 - 0,6
Amplification typ. (S21) [dB]: 21,0 +/-1,0
Permitted power PEP [W]:   1500
Return Loss IN (S11) [dB]:  2,0
 Return Loss OUT (S22) [dB]:  20,0
 IIP3 IN [dBm]:  -2,0
 OIP3 OUT [dBm]:  22,0
 max. Input Level [dBm]:  10,0
 Inseration loss[dB]:  0,05
 Impedance [Ohm]: 50
 Connection Standard: N
 Operating Voltage[V]: 13 -15
 Current Consumption[mA]: 500
Dimensions (LxBxH) [mm]: 164 x 90 x 120
Weight [g]: 1050

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