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SP 200 S Pre-Amp switchable 145 MHz

Product.Nr.: 1032-S

EUR 319,00
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product description

The SP 200 S is a selective receiving preamplifier with transmit / receive switching for the 2 m amateur band. It offers optimal amplification, low noise figure and good large-signal behavior. With low transmit powers, the transmit / receive switchover can be implemented using a built-in VOX circuit. This amplifier is built with a GaAs MMIC of the latest technology on a high quality microwave substrate in SMD technology. The band pass at the output of the amplifier ensures a good band selection so that all signals that are outside the useful band are effectively suppressed. This amplifier has a splash-proof, UV-resistant plastic housing and galvanized mast clamps with stainless steel screws for fastening to the antenna mast.

Technical data SP 200 S
Frequency range: 144-146 MHz
Noise figure (20°C, NF): 0,8 dB
Gain (+/-1%) (S21): 18 dB
Max. switching capacity with RF VOX: 100 W
Transferable power when using a sequencer: 750 W PEP
500 W CW, FM, WSJT, FT8
Insertion loss: 0,08 dB
Return loss when transmitter is active: 38 dB
Input return loss (S11): 30 dB
Output return loss (S22): 32 dB
Output IP3: 32 dBm
Input IP3: 14 dBm
Supply voltage: 12V...15V
Current consumption: 130...150 mA
Mast diameter: max. 58 mm
Weight: 540 g

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