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Grounding clamp GC-10

Product.Nr.: 6819

product description

The GC-10 grounding clamp was developed for equipotential bonding on 10 mm coax cables such as AIRCOM PREMIUM, ECOFLEX 10, ECOFLEX 10 Plus etc. This eliminates potential differences (voltages) between the coax cable and the earth potential. Especially during thunderstorms, charging can occur on the antenna or on the coax cable. This charge is removed with the earthing clamp and the connected device is protected. A grounding clamp is not a replacement for lightning protection.

Technical data

Grounding clamp type: Framework
Suitable cable types: Aircom Premium, Ecoflex 10 and all common coaxial cables with 10 mm outer diameter
Contact resistance: ≤ 5 mΩ
Current shock withstanding: ≥ 20 KA (8/20 µs)
Insulation resistance: 10 GΩ
Min. temperature: -40°C for 24 hours
Max. temperature: 85°C for 24 hours
2011/65/EC RoHS:   Compliant
For outdoor use: Yes, UV-resistant jacket
IP protection class: IP 68


No. Part Size Material
1 Body / grounding strap 10 mm Rubber, SUS304
2 Water-seal mastic Φ5 Butyl rubber
3 Braided tape   Copper, tin-plated
4 O-ring washer M6 Black rubber
5 Serrated washer M6 SUS304
6 Inner hex bolt M6*20 SUS304
7 Cable lug M6 Copper, tin-plated
8 Heat shrinkable tube Φ9*30 Polyolefin
9 Grounding cable 16 mm² Copper (conductor), PVC (jacket); approx. 40 cm length
10 Cable lug M8 Copper, tin-plated
11 Outer hex nut M8 SUS304
12 Spring washer M8 SUS304
13 Plain washer M8 SUS304
14 Outer hex bolt M8 SUS304


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