Art.Nr.: 25050


A member of the ICP family of high-speed, production-grade in-circuit programmers for Microchip microcontrollers, ICP2-Portable(G3) is specially designed to meet your service programming needs. This compact, battery-powered device supports up to six different programming environments, making it an ideal, low-cost solution for field upgrades.

Counter Maximizes Your Control
ICP2-Portable(G3) includes a configurable counter that ensures the number of programmed devices
does not exceed a pre-defined value. The counter allows you to control the number of upgrades
performed by your customer’s service personnel. In cases where a higher level of security is
needed, ICP2-Portable(G3) can be enhanced to offer multi-layer IP protection using our Secure
Programming software.

Reflecting our focus and expertise in working with Microchip, ICP2-Portable(G3) is specifically designed for full compatibility with all Microchip microcontrollers and peripheral components. ICP2-Portable(G3) hardware virtually supports popular programming interfaces (ICSP™, JTAG, SWD, UPDI, SPI, QSPI, etc.) used by Atmel, SST and others.
Overcurrent Protection
Overcurrent protection circuits prevent both programmed devices and the programmer from being
damaged in the event of a short-circuit or a connection to an incorrectly powered programmed
High-Speed, Compact Programming Device
  • Designed for ICSP™, JTAG, SWD, UPDI, SPI, QSPI, etc. used by Microchip, Atmel, SST and others
  • On-board 32MByte flash memory for non-volatile storage of 6 environments
  • Three standalone serialization schemes:
    Sequential, random and user file
    1 to 8 bytes, automatic “retlw”
  • Vdd and Vpp overload protection
  • Power supply: 3xAA batteries, USB or power adapter
  • Dimensions: 145 x 82 x 28mm


Programmable Hardware

  • Programmable Vdd (1.8 to 5.5V) and Vpp (1.8 to 13.5V)
  • Programmable delay between Vdd and Vpp (0.1 to 250ms)
  • Programmable clock/data speed (500KHz to 10MHz)
  • Programmable Vdd source (programmer or target)
  • Vdd current limit: 100mA (40mA if powered from USB or/and batteries only)
  • Prevents damage to connected microcontroller in case of power ON and power OFF



Easy-to-Use Software

  • Counter that limits the number of times a hex file can be programmed
  • Standalone operation
  • Field firmware upgrade (built-in bootloader)

Host System Requirements

  • Windows®-XP/7/8/10
  • USB port



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