Art.Nr.: 25201


Product Overview:Secure Programming

A member of the ICP family of high-speed, production-grade in-circuit programmers for Microchip microcontrollers, ICP2(HC) is specially designed for programming target boards with high current requirements. Combining robust performance with proven reliability, ICP2(HC) is a cost-effective solution for high throughput, non-stop assembly line operations.

Secure Programming

Utilizing Softlog Systems’ patent-pending technology, this optional software feature provides several layers of protection that dramatically reduce the risk of unauthorized reconstruction of hex files. These include strong encryption of the hex file, a counter that ensures that the number of programmed devices does not exceed a pre-defined value, and a secure buffer of “invisible” hex data stored in ICP2(HC) protected memory.


Reflecting our focus and expertise in working with Microchip, ICP2(HC) is specifically designed for full compatibility with all Microchip microcontrollers and peripheral components. Provided with the Softlog GUI, ICP2(HC) also seamlessly integrates with MPLAB® IDE via plug-in.

ATE Compatible
Final test machine (FTM) functions in DLL allow the ICP2(HC) software to easily integrate with test
equipment, working in either standalone mode or driven by a host system. Adaptable to bed-of-nails and
other types of ATEs, ICP2(HC) helps you preserve your investment in test equipment.

High-Speed, Compact Programming Device
  • Designed for in-circuit (ICSP™) programming of 8-bit PIC® MCUs, 16-bit PIC® MCUs & dsPIC® DSCs (optional), 32-bit PIC® MCUs (optional), Keeloq® encoders (optional) and serial EEPROMs
  • On-board 1MB flash memory for non-volatile storage of hex, configuration and serialization file
  • Multiple serialization schemes:
  • Sequential, random, pseudo-random and user file
  • 1 to 8 bytes, automatic “retlw”
  • Tests Vdd and Vpp for overload with indication by software
  • Dimensions: 175 x 85 x 35mm


Programmable Hardware

  • Remote programming via 3 lines: Go/Pass/Fail
  • Programmable Vdd (2.0 to 5.5V) and Vpp (2.0 to 13.5V)
  • Programmable delay between Vdd and Vpp (0.1 to 250ms)
  • Programmable clock/data speed (500KHz to 10MHz)
  • Vdd current: up to 1000mA
  • Vpp current: up to 100mA
  • Clock/data current: up to 100mA
  • Programmable Vdd source (ICP2(HC) or target)
  • Prevents damage to connected microcontroller in case of power ON and power OFF



Easy-to-Use Software
  • Windows® DLL/Command line functions for automatic programming (optional)
  • Secure programming feature including hex file encryption, counter and secure buffer (optional)
  • Seamless plug-in integration with MPLAB® IDE
  • Standalone operation
  • Field firmware upgrade (built-in bootloader)

Host System Requirements

  • Windows®-95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT/Vista/7/8
  •  USB or RS-232 port