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ZST 200 Transverter

Product.Nr.: 9604

EUR 1.007,56

product description

Right in time for the Ham Radio 2016 SSB-Electronic brings a new Transverter, 10m <-> 2 m, to the market, which can be perfectly used together with the ZS-1.

The high values of 40 dBm OIP of the receiving part can be achieved by using a power transistor in the pre-stage and a tandem of two balanced mixers performance. This mixer, which is also used in the transmission part, provides a spectrally pure output. In the final stage, a power LDMOS transistor was used of 25 W PEP output power supplies. Power supply 13.8 V / 3.5 A


Technical data:

 Operating voltage 13,8 V DC (12 bis 14 V)
Electricity quartz oven (Imp. < 0,5 Sek): 1,4 A
Power consumption: 0,6 A
Power Consumption Transmit without
1,2 A
Power consumption transmission at 20 W PEP: 3,0 A
Transmission at 20 W CW, FM, WSJT: 4,2 A
Sending at 25 W CW, FM, WSJT: 5 A
Dimensions (housing without sockets): 234 x 170 x 60 (LBH) mm
Weight: 2,2 kg
Housing: Aluminum housing
Frequency stability: +/-0,5 ppm
Adjustable frequency accuracy: +/- 500 Hz Offset
ZF connection 10m: N-femlae 50 Ohm (TRX)
Antenna connection 2m: N-female 50 Ohm (ANT)
Send converter output: SMA- female 50 (PA OUTPUT)
Antenna Relay TX Input: SMA- female 50 (ANTENNA RELAIS)
PTT input: Cinch- female, Contact to ground
PTT THROUGH output: Cinch- female, Contact to ground
RF range: 144 - 146 MHz
ZF range: 28 - 30 MHz
Noise figure: 3,2 dB
Continuous gain: 16 dB
RX-output-IP3: 30 dBm
RX- input-IP3: 14 dBm
Mirror frequency suppression: 90 dB
RX input VSWR : 1:1,4


Download manual ZST-200