LT 200 Transverter


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LT 200 Transverter

LT 200 Transverter

With the LT200, the company SSB-Electronic has launched a new, highly linear transverter, which, in line with the ZST200, has additional low-power 28MHz IF inputs. The connection to transceiver of well-known manufacturers, is thus possible by SMA connector. The device is characterized by a low pass-through gain and a high signal-to-noise ratio. The output amplifier of the LT200 offers a power of up to 25 W adjustable from the front panel, with a very low intermodulation of the transmission signal.

Technical data:

Operating Voltage:
13,8 V DC (12 to 14 V)
Electricity quartz oven (Imp. < 0,5 sek.):1,4 A
Power consumption:
0,6 A
Power consumption Transmit without control:1,2 A
Power Consumption Transmission at 20 W PEP:3,0 A
Sending at 20 W CW, FM, WSJT:4,2 A
Sending at 25 W CW, FM, WSJT:5 A
Dimensions (Housings without connector and jacks):234 x 170 x 60 (LBH) mm
Weight:2,2 kg
Housing:Aluminum housing
Frequency stability:+/-0,5 ppm
Adjustable frequency accuracy:+/- 500 Hz Offset
ZF RX connection 10m:N-female50 Ohm (RX)
ZF TX connection 10m:SMA-female 50 Ohm (TX)
Send converter output:SMA-female 50 Ohm (PA OUTPUT)
Antenna Relay TX Input:SMA-female 50 Ohm (ANTENNA RELAIS)
PTT input:Cinch-female, Contact to ground
Antenna-connection:N-female 50 Ohm (ANT)
Down converter
RF-range:144 - 146 MHz
ZF-range:28 - 30 MHz
Noise figure:3,2 dB
Throughput gain:16 dB
RX-output-IP3:30 dBm
RX-input-IP3:14 dBm
Mirror frequency suppression:90 dB
RX input VSWR :01:01,40
Send converter
ZF-range:28 - 30 MHz
RF range:144 - 146 MHz
ZF input power:
0,1 - 100 mW
Output range:20 dB
Max. Output power:25 W PEP (SSB); 25 W (FM, WSJT, CW)
IM3 of the output signal:40dB (at 20W PEP)
Oberwellen Suppression:60 dB
Mirror frequency suppression:100 dB