WR-G33WSM Receiver for audio engineering

WR-G33WSM Receiver for audio engineering

WiNRADiO as a tool for audio engineering? Yes, the  WR-G33WSM is designed especially for the control and recording of microphone transmissions. It assist the audio engineer while selecting of undistorted transmission frequencies, it detects weak batteries in time and allows digital recordings of the microphone signals.

With the special tools it is possible also to monitor the frequency response of single microphones. The integrated audio recorder does not only permit to record single microphones but it offers also a playlist for the quick selection of playback channels.

Mikrophone monitoring with the G-33WSM

Here the single microphones are shown in the frequency spectrum. Because of noise
levels between 426,3 and 430 MHz the microphones were switched to lower frequencies.

Monitoring of frequency responses.