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Listen what PERSEUS really can

A receiver is made for listening. And nothing convinces more than own experience. Even when good ears are required here. Therefore we asked the Journalist and receiver expert Nils Schiffhauer (DK8OK) to let us have some of his live recordings of his Perseus-Test. He was able to test one of the first available sets at October 8, 2007. „As for all of my Praxis-Tests“, Nils explains, a kind of a roadmap was created for the Perseus. Certain frequencies and stations have to be received, where every receiver can show it's abilities. As the examples show, „Perseus“ does very well!

When you listen to the audio clips, focus especially on the tone range as well as on the intelligibility of the stations. Recordings up to November 1, 2007 were made with the first Beta-Version of this software, which did not contain a noise blanker, no Passband-tuning and especially no Synchrone detector, which synchronizes automatically with carriers of AM signals. Hence the more difficult to hear stations were received in ECSS and manual tuning at „zero beat“. Variations of one to five Hertz were unavoidable sometimes. Nach dem 1. November erstellte Audioclips enthalten bereits diese Funktionen. The audio clips have a rating from 1-3. It defines how difficult reception of a certain station is with an average equipment (Receiver, Antenna, experience of the short wave listener):

easy to receive= *
more difficult= **
demanding = ***

Receiver: Perseus
Antennas: Active antenna DX-One by RF-Systems, broadband Windom-Antenna of 42 m length, ca. 8 meters high
Location: Burgdorf/Hannover, 52.27N, 10.01O

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