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SSB-MAC 5-Band


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SSB-MAC 5-Band

SSB-MAC 5-Band

Frequency range:791-862MHz 880-960MHz
1710-1880MHz 1920-
2170MHz 2500-2620MHz
Coverage:1000m2 per internal
antenna at max outdoor
signal only (typical 500m2)
Number of users:>unlimited > only depending
on operator capacity
Latency:< 0.3μS on all frequency
Gain:>63dB downlink >53dB
uplink on each frequency
band >60dB wideband.
Dual carrier IMD:better than -55 dBm at max
Band pass ripple:<3dB
Input/output impedance:50 Ohm
Input port:N FEMALE connector max
-30dBm (overload protected)
Output ports:4 x SMA connector max
6dBm each
Ethernet port:RJ45 optional.
Operating temperature
-30°C to +70°C - static fan
less cooling - no noise
Power supply /
Input 110 – 240 V AC 0.5A
Output 12 V DC 5A / typical
30W > 50Watt max.
Oscillation control:Automatic
Uplink control:Automatic on/off –
conducted uplink noise <
Level control downlink &
Automatic – continuously
monitored and adjusted
AGC Range:30dB
Surge protectionBuilt in on all connectors
and outdoor antenna
DC Protection12V DC port reverse polarity and overvoltage protected
Maximum working distance:depending on operator
settings but typical up to
max. 35km
LED indicatorsone series per frequency
band > -signal –AGC –uplink
– overload -power on.
Mechanical specifications:
Dimensions:19 INCH rack H : 2U 88mm
W : 440mm D :310mm
without handles

Data sheet PDF: Download