...SSB Snap-In 4.3-10

The new SSB snap-in connector series has the following advantages:

  • Least passive intermodulation (PIM) and thus for bindirectional conversions with low crosstalk
  • lower clutch torque
  • Highest shock resistance of the connection in portable use
  • Smaller dimensions than 7 / 16DIN connectors and thus higher packing density during bottle installation
  • Always optimal contact pressure
  • Fast, tool-free assembly
  • With screwable, hand-screwable and push-pull coupling mechanism, thus simplifying the installation effort.
  • Three plug variants with different locking technology to fit one socket
  • Excellent electrical performance independent of mechanical connection
  • Protection of the contact surfaces against damage even in the unplugged state
  • For indoor and outdoor applications


Scope of application

The SSB Snap-In 4.3-10 connectors are used in outdoor applications for telecommunications, mobile communications, industry, news and radios.